Online advertising is a constantly moving target. Technology is changing, as are user habits. If you don’t make tweaks to your campaign, you’ll essentially be throwing money into a vacuum.

We all know this to be true. After all, none of us would sink our entire advertising budget into newspapers and not the Internet, and none of us would put all our money on ads on Friendster or Angelfire sites.

Yet we still don’t look at our advertising strategies as closely as we should because we become complacent. Unless there is a dramatic change, we don’t make any changes.

If you want to stay successful with your advertising campaign, you have to stay ahead of the trends. Check out our online advertising predictions for 2016 to see what changes you need to make:

Mobile Advertising Will be King

Mobile devices are quickly on track to outpace desktop devices for accessing the internet.

In fact, mobile traffic already outpaced desktop traffic in 10 countries last year, according to Google.

The search king has already rolled out a new algorithm that boosts sites that are properly optimized for mobile. If you want to make your advertising dollars count, you need to be advertising on those sites and you need to be designing ads specifically for mobile users.

Think about how mobile users access content in ways that are different from desktop users, and then design your ads accordingly.

By following these strategies, not only will you get your ads in front of more users, but you will also improve your conversion rates.

Video Ads Will be Huge

Video is right behind mobile as the hottest platform for reaching users.

Whether you have a dedicated channel on YouTube or you just create videos for your website occasionally, you can reach more people with video and get higher search rankings for your brand.

Google is prioritizing video search, and users are gravitating toward video as a way to get information quickly and on the go. You need to look for opportunities to advertise your products through video, either through videos about your products or through ads that you pay to host on other people’s videos.

If you haven’t already, consider creating a YouTube channel for your brand, as well.

Shift to Native Advertising

Today’s Internet users are savvy enough to spot a banner ad or text ad a million miles away — and they do everything they can to avoid them.

Many users are now using ad blockers that prevent these ads from even showing up on the page. That’s a huge blow to advertisers.

You can reach more users and bypass ad blockers by investing in native advertising, which looks like a regular blog post or video.

Native advertising includes sponsored posts and reviews. You can either write these posts yourself or ask the site owner to write them for you. The prices will change accordingly.

Exploration of Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are expected to be huge in the coming years, and advertisers are now exploring ways to reach those users.

Popular devices include the Apple watch, the Fit Bit, and other health and sleep monitors. Many of these devices offer diverse functionality, including access to the web and personal logging. That functionality offers many opportunities for advertising.

Of course, ads on wearable devices will have to take on new formats since these devices do not have the same display as a computer or even a smart phone. Ads must be succinct yet creative.

Ads on Personal Assistants

Like wearable devices, personal assistants are also becoming big.

No, we’re not talking about the old digital personal assistants that people used before we had smart phones. We’re talking about assistants like Siri that provide users with helpful data.

Since these assistants scour the web for the information they provide users, it only makes sense that they can also serve an advertising role. The opportunities have not been fully fleshed out, but we expect that to change in the coming year.

Increased Marketing Automation

More and more tools are being made available to take over some of the heavy lifting with running an advertising campaign, including CodeFuel’s own solutions.

In 2016, you’ll be able to hand over more of your management work and get more marketing automation. You’ll need to make sure that you have a winning strategy before you automate some of these tasks.

It is important that you find the right software or platform for your automation before you hand over the work. Do your research and find a platform that has a trusted reputation and offers some safeguards, such as performance reports. You’ll be able to ensure that you are getting the most for your money.

2016 is already off to a kicking start. If you haven’t already made some of these changes to your advertising campaign, now is the time.