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Start Earning Higher Search Revenues through Redirection & In-site Search

Higher Payouts

Thanks to a direct search feed from
Bing, and partnerships with leading
Search Engines and demand partners.


Multiple search solutions,
implementing in-house technologies
for optimizing results.

Search Expertise

Experience and Expertise in search
solutions, offloading the navigation burden
from our publishers and partners.

Turn Traffic into Revenue

Implement search redirection
Redirect desktop and mobile search queries from your extension, browser, or mobile app to, and other search partners. Implement to enhance users’ search experience and monetize search results via new tab, or default search. 

Integrate an XML search feed
Integrate a search box into your website, app, extension, or white label search engine. Present users with search results pages, within your domain, which include organic and sponsored results from across the web and from your website pages.

Search Redirection for Browser Extensions

Sponsored ads and in-site results for eCommerce sites.

Sponsored ads and in-site results for eCommerce sites.

Search Box for
Mobile Launchers

Monetize your digital properties with search

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