How to increase download productivity

Creating an app or software can help you grow your business by adding another way to serve your customers and creating another revenue stream. You could create an app or software that helps your customers solve a problem, or create a product that simply provides some entertainment and relief. Either way, you have the potential to create a whole new arm of your business.

Like your other products and services, you will have to create an effective marketing strategy for your new app or software. However, an essential, but often overlooked, part of the success of your app or software is how quickly it downloads. If the software takes too long to download, users may abandon it, and you will lose a sale. Finding ways to increase the speed of your download can help you capture more sales and meet your business goals.

Here are a few ideas for how to increase download productivity to ensure your success:

Write Clean Code

One of the most significant things that influences the rate of your download is the code used to create the app or software. If the code contains a lot of extraneous information, or if it employs inefficient operation instructions, the software will be very large and take a long time to download.

There are many ways to compress the data in the software through code. For example, on a web-based system, CSS is used to automatically load stylistic elements for a page so that the host doesn’t have to download new information each time. Similar measures can be taken when writing the code for your app or software, and tools can be used to compress the data.

Limit Information Needed at Sign-Up

When you download a new app or software package, you may be asked for all kinds of information. You may be asked to set your preferences for the software, such as whether you want it to automatically start when your computer does or whether you want it to send you notifications. You may be asked for personal information, such as your name or gender. You may be asked if you want to sign up for special offers, such as for purchasing an extension or a related product. While all of these prompts may solicit important information, they also slow down the rate of the download.

Limiting the information you ask for when a person installs your app or software can help increase the productivity of the download. Limit the prompts to what is only absolutely necessary, such as asking where to download the software or asking the person to agree to the terms and conditions. Save the other information for a welcome screen or pop-up after the software has already been downloaded.

Use a Smart Installer

A smart installer can help increase the productivity of your downloads and give you the opportunity to monetize your app or software. Smart installers help guide users through the download process while minimizing the time it takes to complete. They can help to increase the rate of downloads by speeding up the process.

In addition, you can use a smart installer to increase your revenue by showing special products and offers throughout the installation process. These additional offers may be your own products, or they can be supplied by an outside advertiser. Either way, you can increase your revenue stream outside of simple sales from the app or software.

Limit Offers

While showing special offers during the download process can help you generate additional income for your app or software, it can slow down the download process if you don’t do it the right way. That’s why using a smart installer is so important. Limit the number of offers you show to keep the download process moving along quickly.

Limiting the offers you show can also help them have more of an impact. If you inundate your customers with offers, they may tune out the offers and ignore all of them. If you focus on just a few, well-chosen offers, you increase the likelihood of their visibility and success. This will help you increase your ROI and make for a more successful campaign.

The speed of your downloads isn’t just a matter of convenience for your customers. By increasing your download productivity, you ensure that more customers complete the download process and make the sales you want to meet your goal. The way you design your app or software can have a big impact on how quickly it downloads. However, you can speed up the process and open up more ways to monetize your product by using a smart installer. Just make sure that you focus on only a handful of especially useful offers to increase their effectiveness and their rate of success with your customers.