About Us

Making monetization work

CodeFuel offers higher ROI for publishers through search monetization solutions. With CodeFuel’s solutions, publishers optimize search traffic, boost their revenues, and engage users.

Publishers and developers who wish to scale their business, work with CodeFuel to monetize content websites, search engines, browsers, Chrome and Firefox extensions, and mobile launcher apps. Thanks to a long-standing relationship with Bing, and additional search partners CodeFuel can offer significantly higher search payouts than most competitors on the market.

To measure and optimize performance, CodeFuel offers the CodeFuel HUB, a comprehensive analysis platform.

Our Values



Through our domain expertise, and strong partnerships with our demand partners and publishers, we fuel growth.


We introduce smart publisher-centric products and solutions, to help our partners generate revenues and succeed.



We prioritize user engagement and brand safety, while maintaining impeccable quality standards.



Externally and internally, we cultivate a diverse workforce and practice inclusive marketing strategies.

CodeFuel Labs

At CodeFuel, we continuously seek new ways to innovate and introduce products and solutions which generate revenues for publishers. Our mission is to partner with publishers who wish to drive growth for their business online.

Perion (NASDAQ: PERI) is a global technology innovator in the digital advertising ecosystem, providing brands and publishers with an opportunity to unlock lucrative growth opportunities. The company operates across the three main pillars of digital advertising- ad search, social media and display/video/CTV.

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