Monetize Content Pages
With AI-based Contextual Ads

Boost marketing performance in context. Our Intent Discovery Platform (IDP) optimizes monetization of your pages by matching content with ads from a huge pool of our search partners’ advertisers.


User Intent, not User Data

Serve ads to highly targeted audiences while respecting user privacy and thriving in a cookie-less world.
Our high-end AI technology enables you to rely on user intent and not on demographics. IDP contextually identifies user intent and pulls the most relevant keyword ads. The result is high RPM and high-performing contextual ad units.

Smart Optimization

Created with a wide range of content verticals and audiences in mind, you can present a wide range of innovative and responsive ad units.
IDP trials multiple ads and configurations using dynamic optimization technologies and fits the most promising ones with the website’s appearance and audience.

Responsive Ad unit

Expert Implementation for Ultimate Performance

Easy implementation

Implement directly to the page, via Header Bidding, oRTB, or as a tag for Google Ad Manager

Wide variety of Ad Units

Use pre-made ad unit designs, or get custom designs to boost performance.

Expert Support

Dedicated account management with access to in-house BI capabilities

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