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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get started?

To get started, simply fill out the contact form – find the link here.

2. How do I implement your search solutions?

Your assigned Account Manager (AM) will work together with our professional services team for a technical kick off to guide you through implementation.

3. Why is your solution better than any others?

We have a long lasting relationship with Bing and other premium search vendors which provide our clients truly impressive search payouts compared to most others on the market.


4. Do your solutions cater to both Mobile and Desktop?

Yes, all CodeFuel search solutions are designed with mobile web, mobile app and desktop in mind.


5. Do you have search coverage outside of the US?

Yes, our solutions support multiple markets and different languages.


6. Do you have a tool or platform to track performance?

Yes, our CodeFuel HUB will enable you to manage and optimize traffic with real-time data, various analytics tools and customized reports – it is available from anywhere, 24/7. Your data is safe with us.


7. Do you provide customization options for user interfaces?

Yes, we provide the ability to brand any dialogue or User Interface (‘New Tab’ page for example). We also allow the customization of search result pages.


8. What level of support do you offer?