Top Online Advertising Technology You Should Be Using

If technology can figure out a way to vacuum our floors without us having to get our butts off the couch, it can surely figure out a way to help us generate income on autopilot.

It’s the American Dream, right? Just as you have many different options for monetizing your website and apps, you also have choices when it comes to the technology that simplifies the process. Here are some of the best tools that online advertising technology has to offer:

Search Feeds

A lot of websites and apps include a search feed right on the page. Though they look like the search boxes included on some websites for looking up internal content, they work differently. Search feeds allow you to search for any information you need via Google or some other search engine.

These search feeds make things easy for your users, helping them get the information they want without leaving your site (which also means that you’ll retain more of your visitors). The search feeds are also an excellent option for helping you monetize your website or your app. How? Every time a person conducts a search from them, you get paid. Simple. Search feeds are coded by the advertising provider.

This code tracks searches made from your site, and ensures that you receive the appropriate payment. In many cases, you can also customize the search feed so that it fits the aesthetic of your site or app.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are designed to do any number of things: allow users to search for information no matter what page they’re on, check on the performance of their websites, or even keep a watchful eye on the status of their virtual farms (FarmVille is everywhere, y’all!). In terms of monetizing your website, browser extensions are a great way of displaying special offers such as coupons, discounts, and other deals.

You can either design your own browser extension and solicit offers for it, or sign up for a service like CodeFuel that allows you to install a pre-coded browser extension. The advantage of the latter is that comes complete with offers, taking the guesswork out of it. Just as with search feeds, you’ll be offering your users additional value from within your site, while capitalizing on yet another opportunity for monetization.


Fast downloads are critical to the success of apps and online software. If your app or software doesn’t download quickly enough, your interested users may abandon the download and forget about the software. Using a smart installer can ensure a faster download while giving you another opportunity to monetize your app or software. The beauty of a smart installer is that it can also display related offers.

For example, you might show users apps or software specific to their interests, or you might show them more general coupons or promotions. The point is, you’re advertising to a rapt audience. Most people are just sitting there staring at their computers while they wait for their app or software to download. So they’re more likely to pay attention to any advertising you throw at them, increasing your overall conversions.

Text Links

Not all ads look like ads. Some look like useful links scattered around your content. Clicking one of these links might take you to a new website that has products or services to sell. In other cases, hovering over them with your cursor might open a pop-up ad. When you run a site, selling text links can help you raise a lot of advertising revenue. However, it can be time-consuming and tedious to insert each of those links manually.

The good news is, there are many programs available that automatically insert links wherever certain keywords appear in your text.


Simply selling ads isn’t enough to be successful. You need to regularly monitor your ads to find out which ones are performing well and which are underperforming.

Companies like CodeFuel offer analytics solutions that help you monitor the performance of your ads and tweak your strategy accordingly. They show you how many clicks you’re getting, how many installs, how much traffic, and so on. When you’re taking an active role and monitoring your ads carefully, you can make the informed decisions needed to grow your revenue.

Online advertising technology doesn’t just make monetization easier by automating a good deal of the process, it also allows you greater control of your advertising strategy. If you aren’t already using these tools, consider adding them to your arsenal.