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infrom and entertain

Inform and Entertain

Offer users a rich news service on
a variety of topics in 28 languages.

premium publishers

Premium Publishers

Get licensed content from global renown
premium brands from over 140 countries.

cost effective solution

Cost-Effective Solution

Save time, money, and resources
in building your own service.

Feature-Rich News Solution

News for Every Audience, Online, and On-the-Go
Present news in a variety of categories and topics, like politics, sports, finance,
healthcare, the Oscars, and more. Build an engaging experience, powered by MSN news. NewsFuel brings global news
in a variety of languages from premium publishers.

web browsers

For Web Browsers

web browsers

For Landing Pages


For Landing Pages

For Mobile Launchers

mobile newsfuel

Engage users with
premium news service

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