Developing an app is a great way to promote your business or to create an additional revenue stream. However, getting people to purchase your app isn’t as easy as uploading it to iTunes or Google Play and watching your analytics go through the roof. Marketing an app can be just as intensive as marketing any other product or content. You have to develop several strategies for it, and you have to devote a great deal of time and resources to it.

Pay per install is one strategy that many developers use to make money with their app.


There are two ways you can use it:

1. You can pay others a commission for the installs of your app that they generate from their page.

2. Or you can sign up to promote others’ apps and get paid a commission on the installations that you get for them.

There are some pros and cons to pay per install programs. Obviously, the pro is that you can make a lot of money.

However, the con is that some pay per install programs include malware and spam. If you sign up to promote apps, you should choose the program very carefully. If you sign up your app to be promoted through one of these programs, you still need to have the same level of scrutiny, so it is strongly advised to partner with a reputable pay per install program that is certified safe and secure, implements compliance rules and already has a network of reputable software developers.

Pay per install rates also differ from program to program and country to country. Some programs will pay you $1 per install while others will pay as much as $2.50 per install. So it is advised to do your homework before joining to a pay per install program and shop around for the best deal.

Here are a few other ways that pay per install programs can help you if you are promoting your own app:

More Downloads for Your App

If you are charging a fee for your app, then promoting it through a pay per install program can help you get more downloads and make more money from it.

More Downloads for Your App

The commission you pay for each install may be a little higher than what your used to for other kinds of advertising. However, you are only paying for results, so you get more return on your investment.

Even if you aren’t charging a fee for your app, you can still make money on in-app advertising or other monetizing strategies. Using a pay per install program can still help you get more downloads and increase your revenues.

Increase Your Exposure

The more downloads you get, the higher your app will rank in listings of the top-selling apps. The higher your app ranks, the more exposure you will get for your app and your company. That kind of exposure continues to benefit you time after time without you having to do anything else. With the right exposure, you’ll get many more downloads without having to pay for additional advertising.

Assure the Success of Your Next App

With all the exposure you get from your first app thanks to a pay per install program, you’ll have enough leads and a good enough reputation to easily sell your next app. You won’t have to invest as much in advertising because you’ll already have enough momentum around your brand. Think about what happens when Apple introduces a new product.

Everyone runs out to get it as soon as it’s available. While you aren’t likely to achieve Apple-level success, you can generate some of that same buzz for your products. Using pay per install to drive downloads on your first app can help you achieve that.

Promoting Other Apps

If you are looking for ways to monetize your site, you can also sign up for pay per install networks to promote someone else’s app.

Again, you’ll need to be cautious about the network you choose, and you should be picky when deciding on which particular app to promote. Choose a quality app that is relevant to your clients, and make sure it’s from a reputable network that isn’t going to spam your clients. Promote the app in a way that shows its usefulness for your clients.

The more relevant and useful the app is to your clients, the more downloads you will promote and the more you will earn.

Pay per install is a useful way to make money, whether you have your own app to promote or you are just looking for ways to monetize your website by promoting someone else’s app. Carefully vet any network you work with, or create your own software for the program.

Explore other strategies to combine with it to promote your app or to monetize your website so you can leverage its full potential.

No one strategy is typically enough to get the results you need. Perform A/B testing to find out what other strategies may boost the effectiveness of pay per install, such as sponsored posts or advertising.