The Internet is such a huge and fast-moving place that it is constantly changing. Just when you think that you have a marketing strategy that works, your customers movements change and you have to change your strategy.

2016 is expected to see big changes in the online world, and many new tools have been introduced to meet them, such as Google’s accelerated mobile pages and Facebook’s instant articles.

Here’s what you need to know about how internet behavior is changing and how it will impact your marketing strategy in 2016:

More Mobile Users

The number of people using smart phones has been growing for some time, and it will continue its upward shift in 2016.

Even if the number of people purchasing smart phones is expected to plateau, the number of people using smart phones to access online content is expected to grow. AddThis reports that more than half of all internet users around the world are mobile users.

The U.S., Iceland and Cuba are among the countries where desktop users still dominate, while Iraq, Syria and Myanmar dominate in mobile users. You have the opportunity to reach more markets with your mobile content, and you should keep the interests of these users in mind when creating your strategy.

Asian Countries Using Social Media More

The top countries using each of the social media platforms is a bit of a mixed bag, but several Asian countries dominate those categories.

Japan is the top user of Twitter. Residents there are 159 percent more likely than residents of other countries to use the platform.

The Philippines and Taiwan dominate use of Facebook, with users there 53 percent and 51 percent more likely than residents of other countries to be on the social network.

India comes in behind South Africa for top use of LinkedIn. Residents of India are 83 percent more likely than residents of other countries to use the platform.

The United States, Australia and Canada dominate use of Pinterest.

If you are trying to target the Asian market, it is important to keep these stats in mind so that you can properly place your content. Maintaining a strong presence on these sites can help you reach more users.

Desktop Still Dominates for Sharing

For now, even though there may be more people accessing online content with their mobile devices, more people are actually sharing content through their desktop computers.

Of all content being shared, 62 percent of it is being done from desktop computers. The remaining 38 percent is being done from mobile devices.

However, mobile shares have been steadily growing. Since 2014, the number of shares from mobile devices has grown 32 percent.

For now, if your goal is to get more exposure for your brand through shares, you need to focus your efforts on content optimized for desktop users.

Popular Content in the United States

Users in the United States look at and share different types of content depending on the device they are using.

There are approximately 768 million pages views per day in the U.S. Among desktop users, the vast majority of content being viewed is about jobs and careers. Technology and business come in a close second and third.

Among mobile users, the majority of content being viewed is about the weather. Family and parenting topics trail far behind in second place, and pet topics trail even further in third.

However, when it comes to sharing that content, users are concerned with different topics. Among desktop shares, content about finance takes the lead, while religious content dominates among mobile shares.

Content about education and sports come in second and third for desktop shares, and entertainment and travel topics come in second and third for mobile shares.

Again, it is important that you keep these trends in mind when designing the content that you want to reach specific users or that you want to be shared. Even if your niche does not fit into one of these categories, you can find a way to make it fit. For example, if you write about celebrities, you can write a piece about their religious beliefs to get more mobile shares.

Reaching More Users

You likely don’t have the time to do the research to keep up with the constantly changing internet behavior of your target audience. Fortunately, there are excellent tools that can do the job for you.

CodeFuel can help you reach more users and increase engagement by positioning your content and ads on the right platforms and optimized for the right devices. Through analytics and a predictive algorithm, our tool will get your content in front of the right audience at the right time so that you get more traffic and more ad revenue.

You don’t have to do any research to figure out where your users will be — you just need to use the right tool.