You can purchase pay-per-download scripts on the internet, but what about pay-per-install scripts? If you’re in the market for a pay-per-install script, you probably want a few things: monetization, analytics, easy integration, support, and regular updates. And commercial solutions are often just that – solutions. The best commercial pay-per-install scripts provide all of these benefits, and more.

Developing a proprietary script can be costly and time-consuming. Not to mention the fact that updates and support can be a bit iffy. Due to the monetization potential of pay-per-install scripts, commercially available pay-per-install solutions have been growing in number over the past few years. Here are a few reasons why commercial pay-per-install platforms are the better option.

Reasons to Consider Commercial Pay-Per-Install Scripts

The pay-per-install monetization model has been increasing in popularity in recent years. It is a viable way to monetize software via advertising and product promotion, and offers many advantages over other forms of advertising. But there are a few reasons why commercial pay-per-install solutions are superior to proprietary scripts.

First of all, commercial pay-per-install solutions are far, far cheaper than proprietary scripts. Some platforms have up-front license fees, others require monthly subscriptions, and others work with a revenue-sharing model. In other words, cost-per-click compensation models provide revenue for both the software publishers and the platform, so you don’t put any money down for subscription or license fees.

Another advantage to commercial pay-per-install scripts is that they offer sophisticated analytics.

CodeFuel’s Control Center, for example, offers a complete analytics solution for all of our products. This lets users find out who’s downloading their products, how many users complete the downloads, and how they can tweak their installation funnel to improve conversions.

That brings us to the third reason why commercial pay-per-install solutions beat out proprietary scripts: customizability.

Programs such as InstallFuel let users customize the installation funnel to their brand, tweak the customer journey to provide the best user experience and design for conversions.

Commercial scripts also offer ongoing support and upgrades. A company developing a commercial pay-per-install solution commits their resources to regular improvements.

Consider Commercial Pay-Per-Install Scripts

Since their business revolves around developing a pay-per-install script that works for their customers, they keep evolving the software to meet the monetization needs of their customers.

This means you don’t have to worry about paying to upgrade the script for new operating systems or paying to resolve issues that technical support could handle.

Commercial Pay-Per-Install Scripts Make More Money

Monetization is the primary purpose of pay-per-install scripts. And since commercial pay-per-install scripts have an entire company’s resources behind them, it only makes sense to use a commercial solution. In certain cases, a proprietary script may make more sense, but for most mainstream software products, a commercial solution outshines proprietary scripts.

Pay-Per-Install Scripts Make More Money

Commercial scripts are often part of a larger monetization platform. CodeFuel’s products, for instance, are part of a total monetization platform that includes software distribution and advertising solutions. Developers and advertisers aren’t just given a script, they are given access to a complete toolbox.

By itself, a pay-per-install script isn’t worth much. If you have access to a distribution network and plenty of marketing resources to throw into your efforts, then a script can pay for itself. But a monetization platform often gives you access to a network of partners and users. This user base can give you the reach that you need to generate real revenue from your products, without having to put major legwork into developing your own user base from scratch.

As mentioned, proprietary pay-per-install scripts may be useful in certain cases (if you are developing for an unsupported operating system, for instance), but in general the commercial options eclipse proprietary options.

You can use a commercial pay-per-install program like you would any other monetization platform. As mentioned above, you can turn the installation pathway into an advertising funnel. With improved control over the installation process, you can adjust the details of the pathway to improve conversions.

The installer itself is often a white label product, which means that your user only sees your company and product information. Logos, color schemes, and content can be altered to create the desired user experience. All of this helps improve conversions and revenue.


And all of this can be fairly difficult to accomplish with a proprietary script. After all, commercial pay-per-install scripts are more than just scripts, they are often complete monetization solutions that offer distribution, advertising, and revenue-generation. For developers and software publishers interested in monetization, commercial solutions are quite simply the best option.