In terms of Windows software distribution, downloads and monetization aren’t as hard as you may think. For years, developers have run up against a wall when trying to distribute, deploy, and monetize their software. How do you acquire more users? How do you find better users? How do you make money from them?

Fortunately, developers such as the team at CodeFuel have developed pay-per-install smart installers as part of their line of distribution and monetization products. Total monetization platforms offer distribution and monetization solutions to meet the needs of developers around the world. If you’re looking for a simple 5-step solution to increasing your distribution, read on.

1. Find a Smart Installer

What do you do when everyone else is using a smart installer? Sounds like you’d better get one too. In terms of windows software distribution, downloads go up which means improved distribution.

If you’re using an old-school installer or home-baked script, you may want to reconsider. Here are some reasons that old-school installers just don’t cut it:

They’re slow – Old downloaders and Windows installers can’t keep up any more. They can be bulky and contain the complete file set needed by the installer. These days, users just don’t have the patience to sit around and wait for giant files to download, extract, and prepare themselves for use.

They’re boring – Yes, boring. Who wants to stare at a slow-moving progress bar? It didn’t take long for the gaming industry to realize that they could fill that time with screen shots, teasers, and tips. And it didn’t take long for the software industry to realize that that space could be filled with money-making advertisements.

They don’t increase distribution – Distribution and deployment are sometimes used interchangeably, but they shouldn’t be. Deployment refers to the technical aspect of installation, while distribution refers to the dissemination of your product. Smart installers work as advertising solutions to help you increase your reach and your customer base.

2. Promote in the Installer

Promoting your own work is key to increasing your reach. And increasing your reach is key to increasing your revenue. Using smart installers to advertise is just smart business, because you’re building an audience from users who are already interested in software.

Used in this way, smart installers help you solve one of the biggest hurdles facing developers: distribution.

Promoting partners’ work through the same installer doesn’t solve a distribution problem so much as it solves a revenue problem. But with the right smart installer, you can solve both. So why wouldn’t you?

3. Bundle with Partners

Partners are called partners for a reason. They work together towards a common goal. When you bundle your software with partners, you’re combining your audiences, which helps you increase your reach. Your brand will gain increased exposure as well. So in addition to increased downloads, your company will increase its market presence.

Bundling, of course, also gives you an opportunity to monetize through revenue-sharing. You can take smaller tools that wouldn’t otherwise earn income and integrate them into a bundle. Even if the revenue potential is small, it’s a great way to build your network and gain more industry share.

4. Brand Your Installer

Smart installers are made to be branded, and brands are key to building recognition in the eyes of potential customers. The right smart installer will allow you to customize it to your logo, content layout, and color scheme.

Old, flavorless installers that aren’t customizable just don’t give your brand the exposure it needs to grow. These installers don’t help you meet distribution goals and they don’t help you stand out from the crowd. The last thing users want is a flavorless installer from a forgettable brand.

5. Customize Customer Journeys

Last but not least, you’ll need to customize the installation pathway. It’s not only an advertising funnel to help you show the right offers and monetize more effectively, it’s a great way to improve your customer relationships.

And relationships are what distribution and marketing are all about. The more downloads you get, the more customers you’ll be able to market to over the long term, and the more you’ll be able to increase your market share.

Yes, conversions on offers is important to any developer, because that’s how you make money. But expansion and growth are vital.

Since smart installers handle all the technical aspects of deployment, it’s not hard to see why they’re taking over the marketplace. They’re becoming more and more common for developers and software publishers, especially since they are so easy to use and integrate.

Anyone not using a smart installer for Windows software distribution and downloads just won’t be able to keep up. Are you ready to get started?