The holiday season is one of the most profitable times of the year, not only for retailers, but also for software publishers and marketers.

Regardless of the specific makeup of your marketing funnel, you’ll be able to apply these 10 techniques to your holiday marketing strategies and improve your bottom line:


1. Seasonal Display Ads

Seasonal display ads come in two types: event-based ads, such as Christmas or Halloween ads, and time-based ads, such as winter or summer ads. Both types of ads can be used during the holidays, and they can even be tied together.

Pick a strategy to test this holiday season – whether it is focused on specific holidays or the “holiday season” in general – and implement these display ads throughout your funnel.

2. Bundles

Christmas is the perfect occasion to offer a holiday bundle. Package together a set of your products, offer discounts, and promote the bundle through your other marketing channels.

Call it a “gift set,” a “holiday promotion,” or another creative name. The fact that your bundle coincides with Christmas will improve its marketability and automatically make it “scarce.”

3. Discounts and Scarcity

Discounting and scarcity are two commonly used marketing tactics. It is always advisable to incorporate these two techniques in to your holiday marketing strategy.

Scarcity, as mentioned, is automatic with most holiday deals, since holidays are all “limited time only.” While discounts may lower the overall profit margin, these two techniques together, especially when used during high-volume shopping periods such as Christmas, increase the total number of sales and often make up for the difference.

4. Retargeting

Retargeting is an advertising technique that uses cookies to track people who have visited a website, then market to them as they continue to browse the internet.

When you use retargeting to market your holiday discounts, bundles, and other specials, remember that Christmas ads are much more conspicuous than normal ads…apply frequency capping so you don’t annoy your customers. 

5. Trend Watching

Research holiday trends before the holiday season approaches, so you have time to plan appropriately. Design your content marketing, display ad campaigns, and other campaigns to take advantage of these trends before they occur.

This technique can be a useful way to get inspiration and ideas that are directly relevant to what is popular.

6. Early Launches

Despite the fact that many consumers claim to dislike the holidays, observations of consumer behavior proves that seasonal marketing works well in advance of December.

“Do your shopping early” has been a retail outlet mantra for over a century, and there’s no reason this can’t be applied to software: “Do your downloading early.”

7. Evergreen Content

Depending on the size of your budget and your marketing department’s attitude towards the Christmas season, they may argue against spending on a campaign that only occurs for a short period of time. To work around this roadblock, consider developing evergreen content or ads – that is, ads that can be used repeatedly, year after year.

Though it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make Christmas content fresh year-round, you can avoid making content obsolete by staying away from references to current events and non-repeating trends.

8. Implement Changes Across the Funnel

Don’t just focus on display ads or content marketing. Incorporate your Christmas marketing strategy into your entire funnel, from social media to the web to your app. And if you’re afraid to take seasonal marketing too far, you can always take it one step at a time.

That’s the advantage of online marketing…you can test and monitor results before big launches.

9. Add Seasonal Flavor to Your Software

Have you ever noticed how Google implements design changes on its home page from time to time? The Google logo uses event-based and time-based design changes on a regular basis.

This type of additional flair, if incorporated into your software program, doesn’t always translate to a direct return on marketing spend. Instead, these changes add a more welcoming and approachable feel to your brand’s image.

10. Be Different

Since Christmas is the top shopping holiday of the year, almost every marketer in the world is trying to take advantage of the season. So if you want to stand out from the crowd of holiday specials, discounts, and sales, you have to do something different.

Be creative. Your customers will be bombarded with countless other “40% off” messages for weeks – and perhaps months – leading up to Christmas. Challenge your creative team to implement some truly outside-the-box thinking if you want to set yourself apart.

Whether you’re focusing on display advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, or all of the above, you’ll want to develop a holiday strategy. Plan ahead, stand out, and use this holiday season to acquire more customers and earn more money.