By now, you’ve probably seen the viral sensation that is Candace Payne wearing a Chewbacca mask. The video may be simple, but it has already racked up millions of views. In the video, Payne talks into a phone camera mounted on her car dashboard, and she talks excitedly about the mask that she had just purchased at Kohl’s. Then she puts on the mask to show off how it looks and works, and she laughs hysterically while it makes the signature Chewbacca growl every time she opens her mouth.

Stay with us as we explore the content marketing Lessons from the Chewbacca Mask Mom. The video is charming and uplifting thanks to Payne’s infectious laugh and her genuine joy. She also says things that a lot of us can relate to, like that she wants the toy for herself and not her kids. If you didn’t really care about the video or understand what all the fuss was about, you shouldn’t just dismiss it. The fact that she got millions of views in a matter of days should be enough to make you take notice.

You can apply the lessons you learn from the video to your own content marketing strategy to boost your brand. Here are a few content marketing lessons from Candace Payne that will help you get results:

Build Community

Payne didn’t just make a random video one day and upload it to the surprise and delight of millions of people. She has been building community on her Facebook page for quite some time. She has a personal Facebook page with a little over 1,600 friends and a little over 720,000 followers. She isn’t promoting a website or a product — she’s just being herself and interacting with the people who are following her.

In addition to sharing plenty of funny and interesting content, she also shares content that helps her community, such as fundraising pages for those in need. She also shares some personal information about herself, which makes people feel more invested in the page. Many of her previous videos and posts have hundreds of thousands of likes, shares and comments. The reason she gets that kind of engagement is that she encourages community with all her posts over a long period of time.

Be Consistent

This ain’t Payne’s first rodeo. She has published dozens of videos, as well as numerous memes, links and other posts. Because she delivers routine, consistent content, she is able to build up more followers and get more engagement. Her followers know that they can trust her to deliver time and time again, and they know she will always have something funny or inspiring to share. Can your customers say the same about you? What do they know to expect from you?

Have Talent

Not just anyone can make a viral video. If they could, we all would. If you do not have natural talent to appear onscreen, you need to hire someone who does to star in your videos. Consider the expense of hiring someone to be part of your overall content marketing budget. You can then measure your ROI to determine if you are getting the results you need from the person you hire.

Look for someone who is comfortable in front of the camera and who has natural charisma. The reason why everyone reacted so enthusiastically to Payne’s video is that she was a natural — she just seemed to be herself and to be saying and doing exactly what she was feeling and thinking. People can recognize that, and they respond to it.

Be Passionate

Ideally, you will cultivate your own talent to appear in your videos because what you really need more than anything else to succeed is passion. You can’t hire someone to have passion about your brand or what you’re doing. That passion is going to come from you, and it needs to shine through in everything you do. That’s why Payne was so successful with her video. You can see her passion in her video — passion for people, passion for Star Wars, and passion for life. It’s her passion that is so infectious and that draws people in. You really can’t fake passion, so if you don’t have it, you will find it very hard to be successful marketing your brand. You can learn some lessons from Payne’s success for your own content marketing, but if you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, none of it will matter.

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