Google’s search console gives you a wealth of data about how your site is performing.

You can use it to help you understand how people are finding your site and a little bit about what they do when they are on your site. You can use it in conjunction with Google analytics to gain insights about your site and to make important decisions about your marketing strategy to reach more customers.

Now Google has introduced some new features with additional search data that can help you gain even more insights. Here’s what you need to know about the Google search console updates:

What Comes with the Updates

Some of the updates for the Google search console include changes in the way clicks, impressions and links are measured.

Clicks and impressions will now be counted according to the associated application property, not the website itself. What that means is that clicks and impressions will be counted differently for a website accessed by a desktop computer and for the same website accessed by a mobile device.

Previously, all clicks and impressions to the website were lumped into together, regardless of how the user accessed the site.

The same changes are applied to the CTR values that are shown in the search analytics report. There are now separate values for the different applications.

The updates also include changes in how URLs are reflected in the Knowledge Panel, Rich Snippets, and local search results.

Here’s a quick overview: If your site URL shows up in local search, it will count as one impression. If a URL shows up multiple times, such as multiple locations that use the same URL, that URL is counted only once as well. The same is true if a local result and natural web result show up on the same page in search results.

Each of these URLs gets individual page impressions.

These changes are small, and Google says that most people won’t notice any big changes in their search reports. However, those who have a strong mobile presence may notice some big changes. The reason is that the updates primarily separate out traffic and impressions from desktop and mobile users.

Benefits of the Changes

When you look at your new console, you may feel crestfallen that some of your numbers seem smaller.

In reality, the numbers give you more information about how users are coming to you through search. You aren’t getting all that information lumped together in one big pile — you are able to see how users are accessing your site.

For many, that will mean seeing what an impact mobile really does make on your site. If you do not have a mobile site or you have not fully optimized the mobile site you have now, you’ll quickly realize the need to do both.

Mobile has already overtaken desktop in search numbers, and mobile users are expected to continue to grow. If you want to reach your full audience potential, you must develop a great mobile site.

Other Traffic Sources

Of course, the Google search console reflects only one source of your traffic: organic search.

There are many, many other ways for you to get traffic to your site, and you cannot overlook them. You can use Google analytics and other software to help you get to the heart of your traffic sources and help you find new ways to reach your target audience.

That means creating a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes content marketing and social media marketing in addition to search engine optimization.

Using the tools offered by CodeFuel can help you get results from your search and other marketing strategies faster.

For example, In-tag can help you to increase your page views, visit duration and other metrics by directing users to other content on your site. In-tag scans your site to find appropriate places to insert tags to other pages on your site or your other properties.

CodeFuel also offers an advertising platform that uses intent-based signals to find the best opportunities for ad placements. The tool focuses on delivering the right ads in the right places at the right times.

Other tools help to increase user engagement by positioning targeted content to capture the attention of users and by creating a more positive user experience.

These tools help you to get just the right placement for your content and your ads so that they can make the maximum impact. These tools will save you time and money, helping you to meet your goals faster and grow your revenue.

Of course, these tools will also help you to improve your SEO by increasing page views, visit duration and other metrics. You’ll notice those changes in the new Google search console. Use all these tools together, and you’ll get the maximum benefits to make your brand a success.