Wondering how to grow your social media followers?

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or all of the above, this simple 5-step formula will show you how to get more followers, keep them longer, and make more money from them.

1. Create a Content Plan

Social media is one of the primary content distribution methods for your content, so creating a content marketing plan should be your first goal.

Content marketing isn’t just about “creating great content,” it needs to be systematic and specific. The best content plans include the following elements:

  • A content strategy – Your content strategy should revolve around the information needs of your customers and your content marketing objectives.
  • An editorial calendar – Define a publishing schedule that is consistent, then stick to it. It should be based on your available resources and the times your audience is most receptive.
  • Content that is both created and curated – Every brand or business should have a content creation agenda that focuses on informing and engaging their customers. But companies should also have content that is curated from other sources. The jury is still out on the perfect ratio between curated and created content, but the majority of content should be from outside sources, according to many social media marketing companies.
  • Shareability – Shareable content is relevant, informative, useful, immediate, and engaging. Interesting content that inspires others to share helps others spread your content via word-of-mouth. The more poignant and viral it is, the more likely people are to share it.

 2. Focus on Your Customers

To grow your social media following, you need to provide followers with the information they want. As mentioned above, you should focus on content that is informative, relevant, immediate, and engaging.

Narrowing down your content focus by asking your customers what they want. If you educate them and inform them on their problem and potential solutions, you set yourself up as an authority in their minds.

Social media is the perfect place to cultivate this type of relationship, since it gives you the opportunity to find out what they need.

Putting customers first also means being responsive and interactive. Over-automation can hinder growth and hamper customer relationships. Use social media as a two-way street and you’ll see your followers grow in number.

3. Implement Social Media Best Practices

Social media marketing has a number of best practices that have become widespread in the online world.

Here are some of the most well-known:

  • Use hashtags
  • Never be negative
  • Interact with followers
  • Don’t be salesy
  • Be professional
  • Share and reshare
  • Be active on multiple networks

Find out more social media marketing best practices on the CodeFuel blog.

4. Stay Current with the Latest Tools

Social media marketing tools are designed to improve results across the board. Tools can help you with everything from social media management to automation, analytics, content recommendations, and more.

Here are some benefits to look for, regardless of which tools and platforms you choose:

  • Data and analytics offer insight into your marketing campaigns, your customers, and how you are perceived on social media. Use any and all data to drill down into your content marketing program and your social media campaigns to refine them, improve them, and develop new strategies from scratch.
  • Management and automation tools should help you aggregate your social media channels under a single dashboard. You should shop around for platforms that provide a one-stop shop for all your distribution needs across all the right networks. Team-oriented tools allow you to include staff members, so also take that into consideration when choosing your tools.
  • Content marketing platforms can help you by recommending content relevant to an industry or topic. More advanced tools offer content analysis functions, which can offer data-driven insights into the content needs of your audience.

5. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

The quality of your follower count is what matters, not the quantity. A study by BuzzSumo revealed that follower count and share count are not directly related. According to BuzzSumo, “The number of shares on each network does not appear to have a direct relationship to the number of followers the publisher has on that network.”

The conclusion? Focus on quality content, not the follower count.

As any experienced salesperson knows, it’s the quality of the leads that matter, not how many you have. If your content lacks quality or your followers aren’t so interested in your company, you may have little to show for your marketing efforts.

Therefore, your campaign should focus on acquiring quality leads by offering great content to a targeted audience. This will help you grow social media followers who are appropriate to your business and can help you grow your bottom line.


These 5 simple steps will help you create a social media following that isn’t just about numbers. By focusing on your target audience, engaging in best practices, and distributing quality content, you’ll be able to build a following that adds real value to your industry…and your business.