Technology is an increasingly important part of people’s lives. Every day, people are integrating more and more applications and software into their lives to make things just a little bit easier. Moms are using coupon apps on their smartphones to save money when they go shopping.

Entrepreneurs use tax and accounting software to track of their expenses and file taxes at the end of the year. People looking to lose weight are using apps and software to record their calories, monitor their activity and track their progress.

Developing software is a great way to grow your business – even if your primary business model is not focused on software. Indeed, developing your own software can provide additional value to your customers and help you grow a strong revenue stream.

Taking advantage of the right software distribution tools can help you reach the largest audience and distribute the most copies of your software or application. Here are a few of the most popular software distribution tools that you could be using to help you meet your sales goals:

Smart Installers

A smart installer is a tool that helps guide users through the installation process for your app or software. By using a smart installer to distribute your software, you can speed up the process of your download, increase installation rates, and ensure the success of your software.

Smart Installers

Smart installers also display special offers during the installation process. This can help your business in two ways: You can monetize your own software installation to create passive income, or you can sell your software through someone else’s installation process. Either way, you can drive sales and help you meet your goals for your software and your business.

Pay Per Install Program

Pay per install programs are effective affiliate marketing programs specifically for software and applications. The programs join advertisers and publishers to promote software. Advertisers pay publishers a commission each time their software or application is installed.

Pay Per Install Program

Signing up for a pay per install program is an excellent way to distribute your software. With the right program, you can gain access to a large network of publishers, all of whom are motivated to sell your software in exchange for earning that commission. You’ll sell far more of your software than you would with your own marketing program, and you’ll get far more exposure for your brand.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions help make your web browsing experience richer. You can use them to monitor everything from the weather to your bank account, and they can hold your most used bookmarks. They can also display offers from advertisers, and some of those offers may be for software and applications.

Browser Extensions

As a software developer, you can sign up with a browser extension to advertise and distribute your software. Users may have the option to download your software or application when they download the browser extension, or they may see an ad for it later when they are browsing online. Either way, you can get more exposure for your software and sell more copies of it.

Software Bundles

Finding the right software distribution tools is essential to the success of your software or application.

The right tools can help you reach far more customers and incentivize them to buy, helping you to increase both your brand exposure and your sales. Learn everything you can about the options for smart installers, browser extensions and pay per install programs to help you find the right opportunities for your business. 


Using several of these strategies can help you maximize your sales and exposure. Start researching today to start meeting your business goals.

Distribution Software Distribution Tools You Should be Using for Your Business