Search engine optimization and social media marketing may get you increased exposure for your brand and traffic to your site. However, these are strategies that can take a long time to pay off. It could be months or even years before you start seeing the strong and steady stream of traffic that you want, let alone the surge in conversions that you need.

Buying advertising can help you get the results you need in far less time. But you can’t just throw money at the problem and expect to make all your dreams come true. You need to spend just as much time and effort developing a strong advertising campaign as you would creating your content marketing or social media marketing campaign.

Here are some of the strategies that top online advertisers use and that you should be using, as well:


Create Brand Personas

Defining your target audience is essential to the success of your advertising strategy. The target audience dictates what the content of the advertising needs to be, where it needs to appear and what tools need to be used to deliver it. However, top online advertisers know that they need to do more than define a broad audience. Instead, they define brand personas to target.

A persona is a profile of a specific consumer you want to target. That means filling in more details than the general profile. You don’t just want to target human resources managers. You want to target young human resources managers who embrace new technology and are at the helm of a large corporate department. You could even fill in the details about personal interests. The more specific you are, the more targeted your ads can be – and the more effective they will be.


Focus on Niche Markets

Traditional online advertising focuses on display ads on websites within your industry. However, top online advertisers know that in order to get results, you have to focus on markets that are more niche than that. Niche markets help you connect with exactly the type of customers you are trying to target.

Niche markets can include mobile marketing, in-app marketing or software marketing. With each, you can focus on a very specific type of consumer, helping you to create more targeted advertising that gets more results. The more niche your market is, the less competition you will face, helping your ads stand out and helping them get results.


Use Technology

Pay per click advertising looks like simple and archaic technology compared to the new advertising technology that is available. Top online advertisers understand that using this technology can help you reach new customers in innovative ways.

Some top advertising technology includes smart installers, browser extensions, search feeds, and pay per install programs. When advertising with these tools, you reach customers in new niches, you provide additional value to their browsing experience and you present offers in a more natural way. You will face less competition, and will have a clearer picture of the customers you are targeting. All together, you will create a stronger advertising program that reaches the customers you want and helps you get results.

You can focus on one tool to grow your advertising presence or you can create a multi-faceted approach and maximize your exposure.


Pay for Results

Results-based advertising includes pay per install programs and affiliate marketing. With pay per install programs, you pay a fee to publishers whenever someone completes an installation of your app of software. With affiliate marketing, you pay a commission whenever someone buys your products or services. In either scenario, you only pay when you get what you want: A sale. You make your advertising budget count, and get the results you need to grow your business.

Top online advertisers understand that the Internet is constantly changing and they have to change to keep up with it. They create advertising strategies that are highly targeted but that also focus on niche markets and new technology. In doing so, they are better able to reach the customers they want and make every advertising dollar count. They focus on programs that only demand payment when results have been delivered. All of these choices create a strong campaign that starts delivering results as quickly as possible. If your business isn’t already using these strategies, it’s time to start implementing them.