Social media marketing trends in 2015 will build on the ones that dominated 2014. This past year, we’ve seen the rise of content marketing, mobile-first marketing, and omnichannel marketing.

In 2015, we’ll see these trends dominate the social media marketing space:

1. Facebook at Work Will Become a Major Player

Facebook at Work is set to roll out in 2015. This new platform offers businesses and individuals professional networking tools, online collaboration tools, and more.

This new suite of tools will throw a wrench into the B2B social media marketing industry. LinkedIn, Twitter, and the ailing Google+ will all be threatened by this new development.

2. Google+ Will Continue Fading Away

This past year has been a quiet one from Google’s social network. Though some have complimented the interface and design, the social network continues to languish. Google earned some flack from Google Account holders when they tried to coerce people into using the network via YouTube and search results.

And since then, Google hasn’t been able to successfully implement a growth strategy. Some predict that the network will simply become the walking dead.

3. Instagram Will Become the Core Platform for Image-Based Marketing

Instagram has become much more popular this year, but not just for teens. Businesses are also using the platform for social media marketing purposes. 

In 2015, we’ll see more businesses use the network for both paid advertising and content marketing purposes.

4. Marketers Will Begin to Learn How to Use Social Media

Historically, there has been a bit of confusion over exactly how to use social media marketing. Success in the social media sphere often comes down to listening to customers and engaging authentically, human to human.

As businesses, marketers, and people keep acclimating to the new reality of the digital world, public mishaps will decrease. And proper use of social media marketing, with content and advertisements that add value, will increase.

5. Social Networks are Tackling Mobile Payments

And this could have a huge impact on businesses. Since customers can make purchases directly from their social media apps, the sales cycle will be shortened drastically.

Facebook, for instance, is positioning itself to rival Apple Pay and similar wallets. And with Twitter and Facebook beta-testing one-click “buy” buttons, this could make mobile marketing much more profitable.

6. Interest-Based Networks Will Start Edging Their Way In

Facebook, despite its huge user base, has been targeted by other interest-based startups. These networks aim to connect people by their interests.

Prismatic, Foodie, and Fitocracy are examples of networks that hope to capitalize on this underground niche.

7. New People-Based Networks Will Grow in Popularity

Another weakness of Facebook’s is its lack of concern for account holders’ privacy. Ello, in particular, looks like a promising candidate for filling this space.

In the past, other privacy-focused networks, such as Path, have failed to explode the same way Ello hopes to. Despite the historic difficulty other companies have had competing, some predict Ello will succeed.

8. Finally, Privacy…But Marketers Still Get More Data

As the rise of networks like Snapchat and Ello prove, people are concerned with privacy. This demand will only grow in 2015, and we have even seen Facebook take initiative with private, anonymous chat rooms.

Also, ironic as it may seem, Facebook was the first tech giant to officially support Tor, a service that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. Despite these developments, the introduction of wearable technology and other mobile analytics tools will provide more and more data to marketers.

9. Social Media Will Become the Go-To Mobile Advertising Space

Mobile and social are growing faster than any other advertising sector. Along with display advertising and video, we’ll see these advertising spaces dominate the screen and marketers’ ad spend.

These trends are following the people: people are spending more and more time in apps, on mobile, and watching videos. Social media and videos are the two activities that take up most people’s time, so it’s only logical that advertisers would invest money there.

10. Social Media Marketing Will Become Wearable

Apple Watch is on the way and some predict that it will change the way we interact with technology. In the same way that social media and smartphones changed the way we interact with each other, the smartwatch may make communication that much more instantaneous and portable.

Social media marketers will be able to push content and potentially advertisements at a moment’s notice, based on environmental factors. Proximity, location, and the wearer’s physiology can all be used to provide more targetable information to social media marketers.


The bottom line: marketers will continue to see explosive growth in the mobile space. Though new platforms show promise, they will face stiff competition as the existing tech giants consolidate their power. No matter who stays on top,  marketers will have an easier time marketing to their customers through social media.