Smart marketers know that content curation can be even more important than content marketing. You can’t always write fresh content, nor can you always come up with innovative or unique ideas. But you can continue to give your readers interesting news stories and informative tidbits from other sources.

Curating content is a great way to keep your social media feeds full, as well as your blogs, to engage your customers and keep them coming back time and again. Yet finding the right content can sometimes be just as difficult as writing it. You have to choose the right stories to share at the right time to engage the right customers.

Here are some of the top tools that can help you do it:


Pocket is to links what Pinterest is to photos.

This tool allows you to keep links to images, articles, videos and more in one place and then to browse or search them later for easy recall. You can also tag links as you save them for easy searching later.

Pocket includes a browser button that allows you to quickly add whatever page you are on. It can integrate with over 500 other apps, such as Evernote, for easy cross-referencing.

Follow Pocket on Twitter to learn about the most popular links being saved on the site.


Enter a topic of interest, and will give you loads of relevant and interesting articles, and it will suggest related topics of interest and users to follow.

You can choose to follow certain topics, and you will get a daily email with interesting articles. You can follow one topic with a free account, or you can upgrade to follow more topics.


Curata offers a discover and recommendation engine that finds the best content for you to share.

You can categorize the content that Curata finds, and you can tweak the settings to get more relevant content. You can then use the tool to publish items to your blog, social media channels, or your newsletter.

Curata is on the pricey side, but it offers powerful tools that can help you save time.

Trap It

Create your own content channels, or “traps,” and get a steady stream of relevant content in real time.

Trap It also looks at how you interact with the content it recommends to fine tune the results and ensure that you get the most interesting and relevant content.

With this platform, you also get analytics and the ability to publish content directly.

Publish This

Publish This is similar to the above content curation and publishing tools, as it allows you to aggregate your feed, publishing platforms and analytics in one place.

In addition, Publish This allows you to publish content to apps or other platforms using its API. You can also use the tool to customize the content that you share to a specific audience, as well as to publish your own original content.

Successful Sharing Strategies

Successful content curation requires much more than using the right tools and just clicking “publish” on an article that has been recommended.

You need to carefully evaluate the articles, infographics, pictures, and videos you are sharing, even if they are being recommended by one of these services. You need to be sure that anything you are sharing with your audience is providing value, whether that is in valuable information to help improve their lives, important news stories to help them save time, or entertainment to give them a good laugh.

By sharing the right stories, you can become the place that customers go to get the information they want — you will be the aggregator for them like some of these tools are for you.

You should also personalize the content you share, showing how it is relevant to your brand or your audience. For example, if you are an insurance company sharing a story about a local accident, you could add a line or two about how what insurance would be likely to cover in such a situation.

Offset your promotional content with your own informative content or curated content. That provides a nice mix that balances the needs of your business with the needs of your customers. You’ll still be able to get the word out about your products and services, but you won’t overwhelm or annoy your customers with sales pitches.

In addition to these great content curation tools, you should also sign up for newsletters of important brands in your niche and follow those brands on social networks. You’ll get even more content ideas from what they share, and you’ll be able to fine tune your own content sharing strategy to ensure that you are staying competitive.

Choose and share the best content and you’ll grow your followers and your brand influence. You’ll get more bang from your social marketing.

Marketing Top Tools for Content Curation