Monetizing and promoting apps is a huge priority for app developers. And the competition is stiff. There are over 1 million apps on Apple’s App Store, and even the Windows Phone Store holds several hundred thousand apps. But despite the high number of users, a fraction of developers pull in most of the income.

And it seems like there are almost as many ad networks as there are apps. Monetizing and promoting apps can seem like a chore. What’s worse, it can take time away from your core business. If you have to manage campaign after campaign on network after network, you’ll end up taking time away from development. Finding the right monetization and promotion solution can make all the difference.

What Things Look Like Now

Right now, you’ve got hundreds, if not thousands, of ad networks that serve mobile. Each one promises the best conversion rates, the best analytics, and the highest monetization potential. They all offer cutting edge customer data so that your ads are optimized to produce the best results. Right?

Yes, it’s true that ad networks do offer all of those services, and most of them are very good at what they do. But the problem is that there are so many of them.

How do you know which one to choose? If you actually take the time to sort through each and every ad network, looking for the one that offers the highest conversion rates for the best prices, you’ll end up wasting more money than you’re saving.

And each day that goes by, we only see more and more ad networks popping up. And they all offer the best conversion rates for the best prices. And they all use the latest technology and the most innovative ad formats.

If only there were a solution to this problem…

What is Media Buying?

Media buying refers to the negotiation and purchasing of advertising space. In other words, if you have real estate on a website or app, a media buyer would act as a middleman between you and the ad networks to find you the best deal for your ad space.

Media buyers, then, are people who do all the legwork for you: they sort through all the ad networks, find the right ads for your needs, and find the right price.

Of course, as the online marketing world becomes more and more complex, so does the function of media buying. Online, media buying is done by algorithms and specially designed software.

Companies that handle media buying, such as GrowMobile, aggregate ad network after ad network and put it all into one dashboard for you. All of your campaigns for all of your ad networks, then, can be managed from one place.

One of the biggest benefits of these types of programs is that you can actually calculate your marketing ROI with some level of precision. The more time you spend adjusting and calculating all of your campaigns, the less accurate your figures will be.

Incidentally, this cuts down on the billing hours for your finance and marketing departments, who no longer need to pore over chart after chart. Your marketing department also won’t have to waste more time hunting down new networks, researching their potential, developing proposals, and so on.


One-stop marketing shops such as Perion’s Promotion, which provide a complete promotion solution for app developers and marketers, offer more than just media buying functionality. You’ll have access to over 75 marketing sources, from ad networks to social networks and ad exchanges.

You’ll be able to process all your marketing and finance data in one place, and accurately measure your customers’ lifetime values. You will be able to plan campaigns, execute them, track results, and have an accurate measurement of your ROI.

New tools will give you the ability to optimize mobile advertising on multiple devices. You’ll be able to target and re-target your advertising based on your analytics.

And when combined with CodeFuel, the world’s leading mobile app monetization platform, app developers have everything they need to both promote and monetize their products.

CodeFuel products, such as MobileFuel and SearchFuel, give developers cutting edge advertising tools that can be integrated into their apps. These serve as both promotion tools and monetization tools, which also include an analytics hub that allows users to track everything.

Together, Perion Lightspeed and CodeFuel form a complete marketing toolbox for developers, advertisers, and publishers. These types of one-stop marketing platforms are certainly the future of mobile marketing.

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