Is your social media marketing plan up-to-date?

There are lots of changes happening to social media in 2015 and 2016.

Your social media marketing checklist for this year and next should help you get ready for these changes. Proper preparations will make sure you aren’t taken by surprise by tomorrow’s trends.

1. Facebook Native Video

Facebook’s new native video platform is positioned to compete with YouTube, the giant of user-created video content. And, if the numbers are correct, Facebook may be able to do just that. The company claims it has achieved as many as 1 billion views per day since June 2014.

If you haven’t looked into video marketing on Facebook, now is the time.

2. Twitter Native Video

Facebook isn’t the only native video platform out there. Twitter is also jumping on board the native video bandwagon. Its player was supposed to feature 6-second autoplay previews, but upon release the autoplay feature was disabled.

Brands will be able to create videos that last up to 10 minutes, while normal users will be limited to 30 seconds.

3. Facebook Place Tips

Are you a local business? If so, keep an eye on Facebook Place Tips, which is an experimental feature aimed at brick-and-mortar businesses.

When users are near your business’s location, business-related content will show up in their News Feeds, such as menu items, friends’ photos, scheduled events, and more.

4. Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards take tweets to the next level. These are designed to improve engagement and drive traffic to websites.

By adding a bit of HTML to a web page or even an app, any tweet that links to that page will contain extra content beneath the tweet itself. Visit Twitter’s overview for more information.

5. Facebook Product Display Ads

Facebook’s display ads have just become more dynamic. Its new ads, called Product Display Ads, allow you to place carousel-style ads in the News Feed.

These ads include all the features you’d expect from Facebook’s advanced advertising platform, including inventory syncing, integration with custom audiences, and more.

6. Facebook Premium Video Ads

These 15-second Premium Video Ads allow brands to create autoplay ads that appear in users’ News Feeds. These ads are ideal for larger brands who want to engage their audiences with high-quality videos.

Initially, the videos begin playing without sound, but if people tap the video, they fill the screen and the sound starts.

7. Pinterest Promoted Pins

Pinterest is ramping up its monetization and advertising plans. Promoted Pins are still in the works, but Pinterest is signing people up for the waitlist.

Keep an eye out and be ready when they do, because Pinterest has a huge base of avid users.

8. Pinterest Buyable Pins

Next up on the Pinterest docket is “Buyable Pins,” Pinterest’s venture into the retail space. These pins will allow people to make purchases directly from their feed.

Buyable Pins are still in the testing stage, but you can sign up for the waitlist. When they do start rolling out, you can start selling your products directly through the website.

9. Instagram Ads

Facebook-owned Instagram has also been experimenting with carousel-style ad formats, as well as video ads. These ads include direct-response functionality, such as the ability to link to a website or app.

10. Tumblr Sponsored Days

Tumblr’s most recent ad experiments include a 24-hour ad. This product, called Sponsored Day, allows brands to place a marketing message atop users feeds for a full day before disappearing.

11. Tumblr Video Ads

Last year, Tumblr introduced sponsored video ads into its users’ feeds. In a statement, Tumblr claimed that video posts were twice as popular as photo posts – yet another reason for marketers to dive into video.

12. LinkedIn Ads

The majority of B2B companies can probably find an audience on the world’s largest professional network. It’s true that many people use LinkedIn to find a job, but it can be just as useful to find and target customers.

Their paid ads can be CPM or CPC, and traffic can be sent either to a profile or to a website.

13. LinkedIn Sponsored Content

LinkedIn also offers native ads, which are sponsored posts that appear inside the news feeds of a target audience. Like LinkedIn’s other paid ads, you can serve ads across devices to a range of audiences.

Targeting options include job titles, industry, geography, and so on.

14. Automation Tools

Are you keeping up with the latest social media automation tools? To ensure your social media marketing plan stays cutting edge, make sure you keep an eye on the latest automation toys.

From IFTTT to Buffer to GrowthHackers, automation tools will make sure that your social media marketing plan doesn’t become unmanageable.

15. Audience Targeting

Don’t forget to keep an eye on social media demographics. These change quickly and you might find today’s audience has shifted to another platform tomorrow.


As social networks evolve, so too should your social media marketing plan. This checklist will help keep you up to speed in 2015 and 2016, but be sure to check back regularly to stay current with the world of social media marketing.