Have you included Boss’s Day 2015 in your marketing calendar?

This holiday began in the 1950’s when an insurance agent registered the holiday with the United States Chamber of Commerce. Though the holiday fell on her father’s birthday, October 16th, the goal was to improve the relationship between employees and their supervisors.

Since then, the holiday has grown in popularity and is now being recognized in other countries throughout the world.

For marketers, of course, this spells opportunity.

Every marketer should have a holiday marketing schedule. Of course, not every single holiday should be included. First, you need to find out which holidays will help improve your marketing.

Does Boss’s Day 2015 Belong on Your Schedule?

Every holiday marketing schedules should fit the needs of their audience. When constructing your annual holiday marketing schedule, you should ask yourself the following types of questions:

  • How relevant is this holiday to my audience? The more relevant the holiday is to your target audience, the more it will amplify your marketing efforts. Companies that market to children, for instance, should all make use of child-friendly holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and so on. Any company who could leverage the employee-supervisor relationship could make use of Boss’s Day.
  • Is the holiday celebrated by my demographic, geographic region, etc.? Not every holiday is celebrated or recognized by every demographic. Trying to market with a holiday that is completely irrelevant to your target audience would, of course, have a negative impact. 
  • Can I use the holiday to promote, incentivize, engage, etc.? Many holidays, such as Labor Day or July 4th, have simply become excuses to shop or have fun. Businesses frequently use these holidays as excuses to have sales, give discounts, hold contests, and so on.

Although a strong connection between your audience and the holiday is ideal, it’s not necessary. As mentioned, all you need is an excuse to dispense discounts or hold sales. Just make sure your holiday isn’t irrelevant, then start coming up with ways to use the holiday in your marketing program.

Marketing Ideas for Boss’s Day 2015

Here are a few ideas to integrate Boss’s Day into your 2015 holiday marketing schedule:

Use the tricks of marketing psychology.

Holidays are great times to pull out the scarcity card. Here common ways scarcity is used during the holidays to increase sales:

  • The limited time offer, with the holiday as the deadline, is usually enough to get customers to spend more. If you don’t have the time or the budget to spend on creative campaigns, then just run a Boss’s Day Sale.
  • Offer a limited number of coupons, inventory, or sales during the holiday sale.
  • Create a unique product or service only offered during this time of the year.
  • Have your designer-developer team created a limited-edition version of your product, which plays off the theme of the holiday.

Exclusivity, another tool in the marketing psychologist’s tool belt, can be used to increase conversions. It will work especially well if you double it up with the scarcity principle.

For instance:

  • If your business has a membership program, then only offer the Boss’s Day Sale to members.
  • Offer your discount exclusively to those who follow or like your social media account, incentivizing follows, likes, etc.
  • Offer specific discounts for bosses and other deals to employees who don’t manage anyone

Use Boss’s Day theme to your advantage.

Secondary benefits can be related to the theme of the holiday, so you should play off of these also. Christmas, for instance, is a family affair. For this holiday, marketing campaigns should focus on the family aspect as their main selling points.

For Boss’s Day, play on the employer-supervisor relationship in your creatives. The best marketing campaigns won’t just offer discounts and deals, they’ll use the holiday as a central theme.

For instance, if you’re a B2B company, host a themed webinar geared specifically towards employees and supervisors.

Some people have criticized Boss’s Day as being a “Hallmark holiday.” One stance may be to ignore Boss’s Day for this very reason. But instead of ignoring the holiday, use this criticism to your advantage.

The right sense of humor could turn this “Hallmark holiday” idea into a silver lining. If your business is “boring,” then this presents an ideal opportunity to test the waters with something more innovative.

And the right approach can bring you some valuable insights about your customers.

Use this as an opportunity to experiment.

Holidays are a good time to run marketing tests. You have some leeway when it comes to the creative content and the sales, so you can test new ideas and concepts. The holidays are an excuse to push the boundaries a bit.

With these experiments come data. Analytics gathered from engagement rates can give you more insight into your customers, their wants, and their needs. When you run polls, contests, social media sweepstakes, and other participatory events, elicit information that will help your future marketing endeavors.


As mentioned, not every country celebrates Boss’s Day or knows what it is. But in the right circumstances and with the right product lineup, you can make use of this holiday to earn more sales, engage your audience, and learn more about your customers.