Programmatic creative is a growing technology that brands are using to scale their advertising and other creative processes. It helps them to automate processes and to perform them faster.

This technology falls under the umbrella of dynamic creative optimization (DCO), which analyzes data and performs multivariate testing to determine the best creative collateral to serve to a user.

There are many ways that you can use programmatic creative to help grow your brand. Here are a few of the most common strategies:

Improve Testing

Split testing, or A/B testing, is one of the best ways for brands to gain insights into how effective their marketing and advertising strategies truly are.

With split testing, brands create two versions of an ad or piece of marketing copy, and they change only one element. For example, one ad may include a call to action that says, “Click here to lose weight now,” and another may have a call to action that says, “Click here to lose fat now.” Both ads are run, and the metrics are analyzed to determine which ad performed better.

Other tests may focus on the timing, the location, or even the format of the ad.

Through an extensive series of tests, brands are able to determine the most effective elements of their advertising so that every word, every image, and every decision for the ad is working to increase clicks and sales.

Programmatic creative technology allows brands to generate multiple ads very quickly for the purposes of testing. They are able to perform the tests faster and to spend fewer resources creating the ads, which helps them get to the goal faster: Insights that will improve their bottom line.

Automate Testing

In some cases, this technology also helps brands to automate their testing.

What’s possible is dependent on the program used. Different programs have different goals, so the focus of one program might not be conducive to automating split testing.

However, if you find a program that does allow you to automate split testing, you can basically stand back and watch the insights roll in without having to conduct the research yourself, without having to make the informed decisions about what variables to change, and without having to put in the time to implement and monitor the test.

Anytime you can automate or scale a process for your brand, you can save money and make more out of the resources you have. Your team can get actionable information faster, which means that you can create effective campaigns faster and meet your sales and lead goals.

Improve Ad Placement

One of the most common – and most important – uses for programmatic creative technology is to improve ad placement.

This technology helps brands to tailor their ads to ensure they are meeting the right audiences.

Split testing can only be so effective if it is not considering the audience. For example, one verb change may generate more clicks or leads, but that information can only provide a “majority rule.” If you want to deliver one ad that will get the most clicks on average, this is a fine strategy.

However, if you want to get the most clicks possible for each ad you show, you are going to have to consider the user when deciding what ad to show. That’s what programmatic creative technology does. It decides which user might want to see the ad and adjusts accordingly, improving the odds that each ad displayed will yield results.

In-feed from CodeFuel is a top advertising program using this and other advanced technology to get results. In-feed has an advanced algorithm that analyzes the user intent of each individual based on a variety of data, such as what sites are being visited, how much time is being spent on certain content, what ads are being clicked on, and more.

The goal of In-feed and programs like it is to determine what the user really wants or needs while searching or browsing in that moment. Maybe the person is looking to buy, or maybe they just want information. Maybe they don’t even know what they want for certain. Showing them the right ad helps to meet them where they are.

In-feed deliver native ads automatically based on data about the user, including what browser they are currently using, whether they are on a desktop or mobile device, what time of day it is, and so on.

By automating your ads through expert analysis performed on reams of data, you are able to get more click, sales, leads, and exposure. Every ad does more for you, which means you get more out of every dollar and every hour spent.

If you are not already using programmatic creative technology or a program like In-feed, it is time you did. You are essentially turning your back on advanced intelligence and almost guaranteed results without it.