What should you look for in a premium video advertising solution?

Chances are, if you’re exploring video advertising solutions, you’ve already realized how important video is to marketing and monetization. You’ve probably also realized how important it is to find a premium advertising solution that handles all the legwork for you, including:

  • Providing top-notch, exclusive inventory
  • Real-time Results and programmatic buying
  • Incorporating a variety of demand sources, such as exchanges and networks
  • Maximum yields, returns, eCPMs, and so on
  • Excellent tracking, targeting, analytics, and reporting
  • One-stop platforms that allow you to control your campaigns holistically from one place

Both video advertising and the complexity of the advertising ecosystem are growing, so it is becoming more and more necessary to find an all-in-one solution that offers all these benefits.

Why Video Is the Future of Advertising and Marketing

Here are a few statistics that demonstrate how important video is:

So why do consumers prefer video to the written word or static images?

  • Video is more engaging.
  • Video can include more information that static images or written text.
  • Video is easier to consume than the written word, especially on mobile devices.

Not only is video a better communication medium for consumers, it’s also becoming more viable for businesses as well – even local businesses and small companies.

There are a few trends that prove video advertising is within the reach of every sized business, from the international corporation to the local brick-and-mortar business.

  • Video production costs have fallen dramatically, enabling high quality productions from even the smallest budgets.
  • Top-notch production value, though, isn’t always necessary to capture and engage customers’ attentions – some of the most popular online celebrities use nothing more than their smartphones and smart marketing to engage their fans.
  • Every major social platform, from Facebook to Tumblr, are natively hosting videos, so grassroots video marketing is now within the reach of all businesses.

On top of all this, video can now reach people no matter where they are – a huge percent of video consumption occurs on mobile devices.

What to Look for in a Premium Video Advertising Solution

Clearly, video marketing and video advertising should become a top priority for every business.

So what should advertisers and publishers look for in a premium video advertising solution?

A few things:

Look for consolidated platforms that offer real-time bidding (RTB). Programmatic and RTB mechanisms offer advertisers and publishers the ability to automate campaign optimization, simplify the complex advertising landscape, and take action on real-time data.

Expect industry-leading monetization and data tracking capabilities. Advertisers want insightful data and publishers want unique content with high eCPMs. The best video advertising solutions provide both.

Find solutions that advertise across screens. Consumers aren’t stuck behind desks any more, and neither is video. The best video advertising solutions will serve ads on desktop and on mobile devices.

Make sure your chosen ad platform maximizes viewability. Whether or not an ad is seen makes a big difference in a campaign’s success. Ensure that your solution of choice maximizes viewability and protects against fraud.

Seek out ad solutions with cutting edge targeting functionality. Reaching the right customers in the right context is critical for maximizing click-throughs, conversions, and returns. Look for high-scale data and targeting capabilities, so you can make the most from your campaigns.

Look for one-stop shops that do everything. The less you have to do, the less resources you need to spend. Find solutions with a variety of demand sources, from ad networks to ad exchanges and more.

The bigger the better. Look for large companies with a track record of success in monetization and advertising. The larger the company, the more secure you can feel that you’re in good hands.

CodeFuel’s Premium Video Advertising Solution

Perion, one of the largest digital advertising corporations, has developed a toolbox of monetization and advertising products. The CodeFuel product suite includes solutions for app developers, software developers, website owners, publishers, advertisers, and more.

Recently, CodeFuel released BroadcastFuel, a premium video advertising solution designed to meet the needs of the evolving video advertising marketplace. This solution meets the needs of both publishers and advertisers by providing exclusive content, industry-leading returns, as well as the functions mentioned above.

BroadcastFuel is data-powered and technology-driven, so that customers maximize exposure and returns. The BroadcastFuel dashboard puts all its tools under one roof, so customers don’t need to go elsewhere to manage multiple campaigns.

This sophisticated advertising solution spreads and optimizes content for any device, from PC to smartphone and anything in between.