Once you’ve built your app, your marketing’s just begun. Half the battle is finding the right audience and half the battle is staying connected with them. Choosing the right software distribution solution can be thorny. There are many to choose from, and they all offer such tantalizing benefits.

When you compare distribution options, it’s useful to have a few questions and answers handy: who is your target audience? Does the distribution platform connect with that audience? How does it stack up against its competition? Once you have the answers to these questions, you can begin comparing your options.

Who is Your Audience?

Not all audiences are created equal. Some are less engaged. Some are short-termers. Some are in it for the long haul. Some don’t even look at an app once it’s downloaded. Some don’t ever look at ads. And some are highly engaged, highly interested, and highly converting.

So how do you find out which users are more useful and engaged? Everything comes down to your funnel. When you craft a funnel, such as an installation funnel or sales funnel, it’s okay to have “leaks” that let out less engaged users.

Your goal is to create ongoing revenue, so you want an ongoing audience…not anyone you can get your hands on.

CodeFuel’s tools generate high quality traffic because we continue to refine our funnels, our products, and the traffic that they deliver.

Focusing on the Best Customers

There are a few steps to targeting and focusing on the right customer for your app or software program:

1. Targeting your customer profile – This is how you start your app development. But the focus is often on interests, age groups, and other marketing metrics, as opposed to quality. A quality audience is just as important. Make a profile of your “dream customer,” and list their qualities.

2. Speak to that high quality customer – Target your message and your funnel specifically to them. It can be tempting to go wide and include more people. But when you do that, you often alienate the audience you’re most interested in. As you progress with your marketing and distribution, you’ll be able to learn more about your target audience and their needs.

3. Find your audience – Find out where they spend time and where they are most engaged. Which social networks do they use? Which apps do they use? The advertising networks and marketing methods you choose will depend on where your audience is located. If your customers spend more time on a certain type of app, then find out how to advertise to them through those apps.

4. Get the word out – Once you’ve found where your audience hangs out, you’ll have an idea of how to reach them. Pick the highest-ranking, most reputable options and compare them. Test them. Craft your message specifically to that “dream customer” and try out the top ones to see which ones deliver the best ROI.

5. Optimize – Refining your funnel will help you improve conversions. You’ll be able to target your audience and narrow your customer base down to the high-value customers. Again, these are the ones that stay engaged and convert. They are the ones who will stay with you for the long term and help your app generate revenue.

Choosing Distribution that Delivers Quality Traffic

When comparing software distribution and monetization solutions, one key factor to look for is what kind of users they deliver. And one way to find this out is by researching their partners, affiliates, advertisers, and publishers.

In other words: who do they hang out with? Are they affiliates on the wrong side of town? Or are they first-class software publishers who bring some serious value to the table?

CodeFuel’s tools generate high-quality traffic because we choose our partners wisely, and because we constantly seek out the highest quality customers and users. Also, we give you the tools you need to find the users you want to keep.

By building a system that constantly improves our customer base and our user base, we’ve created a system that targets the highest quality audiences. It’s our toolset that gives us the ability to find the best customers, retain them, and find more.

High quality traffic gives you the chance to find the best customers and the best users. Once you know who your target audience is, use your software distribution platform to re-target, remarket, and refocus on those customers that will be the most loyal and the most lucrative.