If you want to know the best way to monetize your apps, CodeFuel search is the answer.

CodeFuel is an international marketing giant that leads the software monetization and distribution industries. The company began its rise to the top by developing a powerful search monetization tool, which is now being used by developers around the world.

The tool, called SearchFuel, is powerful, yet simple. By embedding a link to the tool in your app, website, or extension, you can begin earning money each time users perform a search on your site.

This type of monetization offers many benefits over other forms of monetization.

Benefits of Search Monetization

  • It’s relevant to the user’s immediate needs – The simple search box provides information that the user searches for, rather than displaying automated advertising content which may or may not be relevant.
  • It adds new functionality to the extension or software program – Chances are, your website or app is already completely functional; this type of search monetization only adds a new function to your end product. And that can only be a good thing.
  • People don’t feel like they’re being marketed to – Study after study has demonstrated that these are the design elements that fail. People ignore interface elements that look like traditional advertisements, such as big red letters, exclamation points, blatant stock photos, and so on. A search box is none of those things.
  • It’s easy to integrate – Once you’ve got your account created, you’ll get a URL to SearchFuel, and you’re all set to go. You can start earning money as soon as visitors start searching.
  • You get actionable analytics data – The more you know about what people are searching for, the more effectively you can market to them. You’ll know which traffic is most profitable and you can adjust your distribution as you see fit.
  • You get money for every search – It’s just that simple.

Search Monetization and Usability Best Practices

To make the most from search monetization, it’s best to make usefulness the primary goal when designing your website or app. CodeFuel search monetization, though not a form of advertising in the traditional sense, does benefit from proper implementation.

Usability  is based around the user experience: who they are, what they need, what their goals are, and how those goals align with the goals of your website or app.

Think of it this way: as a business or developer, your goal is to maximize your conversions (and thus your revenue), while the user’s goal is to accomplish a task.

Though you may want to put a large search box at the center of your interface, it may not be the most usable or useful design – unless you are Google.

Here are a few criteria to help you make your interface as useful as possible, regardless of whether you are creating a website or an app:

  • Your interface should be useful – In other words, it must actually be able to accomplish the task it was designed for. But search navigation has notoriously poor results when used as the primary navigation method. If you want to improve your search monetization, consider developing a secondary or tertiary function that utilizes search.
  • The interface should be straightforward – There is no need for fancy flash navigation or too many moving parts. Simple is better. Anything else can get in between the user and their goal, which only builds up frustration.
  • Designing for conversion means designing for trust – Though red and orange are colors that typically evoke a sense of urgency, overuse can also induce stress and agitation. Users may not spend enough time with your interface to use your search tool if you overdo it.
  • Make it easy to navigate – Content should be immediately available and the pathway to get there should be clear. As mentioned, search should not be a primary form of navigation, but it does work as a secondary information provider.
  • Trust is the bottom line – Build an interface that users can trust, which often means calming colors, simple design, and straightforward communication.

When you’ve developed a friendly, usable interface, incorporate a search function that complements and integrates neatly with the primary function of your program. Adding a secondary search box to the side of the main focal point with a “More Information” label, or something similar, is a good way to integrate search without overdoing it.

On the other hand, if you’ve already got a website or app, CodeFuel search monetization can still be implemented with a simple line of code. Even if you already have your user interface and design fully functional, you don’t need to make any changes in order to add some extra revenue.

There are so many benefits of search monetization – if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Why not give it a shot?