Trying to keep up with the latest advertising trends can feel like you’re on a rollercoaster. You might feel like you’re getting the equivalent of mental whiplash.

What’s in one day might be out the next. Advertisers are constantly trying to keep up with the interests and activities of their consumer base, which is changing all the time.

Advertisers today can’t imagine a world where cat memes didn’t exist. What will be the mainstay in a few more years? Or a few years after that?

One way that you can take some of the guess work out of your advertising strategy is to look at what your consumers are doing right now and the products they are interested in right now.

Intent based advertising shows ads to users based on their online activities — the type of sites they are visiting, the type of products they are looking at, and the information found in their online profiles. For example, they might look at a product on Amazon and then see an ad for it on a site they look at the next day.

There are many reasons that your company should consider this type of advertising. Here are just a few of the benefits it offers:

Higher ROI

The easiest sales come from customers who already know what they want.

Intent based advertising such as retargeting shows customers the products and services that they have already indicated they may want or need. Therefore, these ads have a much higher likelihood of leading to sales and conversions.

Of course, customers may have just been browsing items on Amazon or some other site and may not have any intent to buy. However, knowing that they looked at those items tells you that they at least have some interest in them. Showing them the same or similar items will have a much higher success rate than showing unrelated items.

Retargeting is a bit like peeking into someone’s diary — if they kept a diary about consumer needs, anyway. You get a glimpse into their mind to better understand what they want or need, and that allows you to show them ads that might actually match those needs. You better serve the customer and you increase your sales. It’s a win-win.

You get a much higher return on your investment with intent based ads because they lead to higher sales and conversions. You don’t have to waste money on the trial and error of other advertising methods.

Increased Engagement

Intent based ads are also effective at increasing engagement on social media and other channels.

Your customers may not be ready to buy, but the ad will attract their attention and encourage them to visit your profile or your website.

Retargeting and other intent based ads can help you get more followers on social media, more likes, more comments and more shares. All of that engagement will help you to grow your presence on social media, which will help you to get even more customers and more engagement.

The increased engagement and higher follower counts will also help you to rank your pages higher, which can get you more visibility in search, leading to more traffic in the future. Social indicators also boost your website ranking, so even if you aren’t advertising directly for your site, you can still get more traffic there as a result of your intent based ads.

Cross-Platform Reach

Mobile is quickly outpacing desktop in search, and we’re sure it won’t be long before it’s a leader in all other Internet activity.

Intent based ads can be shown across platforms, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Cookies can be followed on each of these devices to show the ads that are most appropriate by device. For example, some sites may be more popular among smart phone users, so you’ll get different data on those devices and serve up different ads.

The right intent based ad tool will be able to display ads appropriately across all devices, ensuring that they get the same engagement no matter where they are displayed. For example, tablets have smaller screens than laptops, so high-resolution video ads may not be as appropriate as smaller text-based ads.

The right advertising platform will understand the needs of each platform and serve up the right ads in the right format.

CodeFuel offers a new In Tag platform that delivers intent based ads across devices.  Our platform keeps users on site longer by displaying content from multiple sources and in multiple formats.

You can use In Tag to increase revenue on your site, as well. The tool scans your site for relevant keywords and automatically places ads within your content. The ads are more relevant to your audience’s interests, which means that you’ll get more click throughs and make more revenue.