Anyone who wants to earn money from ad space on websites has probably considered display advertising. Along with many other fields in the advertising world, display advertising is continuing to grow.

Naturally, this is great news for anyone who wants to monetize a website. More people get online every year, which means you have more traffic and monetization potential. However, another result of all this traffic is that more ad networks are popping up every day.

Enter Real-Time Bidding

Website owners who wish to monetize ad space on their website must constantly optimize their advertising investment. In order to stay above the investment threshold, this means finding the best prices for ad space and the best yields for ad revenue, click-throughs, and so forth.

Real-time bidding solves this problems by using artificial intelligence and algorithms to automatically negotiate prices and real estate space. This allows website owners to maximize their advertising investments.

How Real-Time Bidding Boosts Advertising Quality

In an uneven advertising industry that is always in flux, it can be difficult to find the best possible advertising sources with the highest quality traffic at the best prices.

Without programmatic real-time bidding, here’s how a website owner might approach ad space optimization: review traffic analytics, review dozens of ad networks, implement a campaign, then try another approach, then try another, and another, and so on, until the best option is found.

One problem with this approach immediately jumps out – it takes a lot of time. This trial-and-error approach soaks up a huge chunk of an advertising budget, which could be put to better uses.

To solve this, programmatic real-time bidding finds the right ads, meets your price goals, meets your performance goals, and does the optimization for you.

The artificial intelligence that drives real-time bidding is what makes it possible to survive in the current advertising ecosystem. Without this technology, it is simply impossible for humans to navigate the ocean of big data that is flooding the advertising world.

Display Advertising Solutions that Earn Money for Your Site

Automated real-time bidding and programmatic advertising solve many technical and logistical problems for website owners, but they don’t solve everything.

One reason many people hesitate to jump on board the programmatic bandwagon is that you end up relinquishing control over certain aspects of your marketing. On the one hand, this frees up a portion of your budget and time to focus on other things. On the other hand, you end up relying on machines to do certain fine-tuning and optimization procedures for you.

Is there another solution?

In fact, there are at least two:

Micromanage your own inventory. In other words, you can get your hands very dirty by sifting through the sea of ad inventories online. You can hand-pick the ads that appear on your site, tweak and fine-tune every detail yourself, and find the exact combination that brings in the highest click-throughs and conversion rates.

However, this approach is obviously time consuming, and time is money. The more of your resources you spend cultivating your own select inventory, the more you defeat the very purpose of doing so.

Let a specialized ad network to the work for you. Specialized ad networks are targeted advertising networks that deliver high-value advertising through targeted advertising channels. CodeFuel, for instance, cultivates and manages DisplayFuel, a premium software advertising network ideal for monetizing ad space on websites.

The benefits of such an arrangement should be immediately apparent:

  • You don’t have to micromanage
  • You become part of an exclusive inventory
  • Specialized ad networks are backed by years of experience, so you enjoy premium conversion rates and payouts
  • Industry experts handle the heavy lifting

Striking the Right Balance

Programmatic display advertising and real-time bidding offer advertisers and website owners the necessary benefits of automated price and placement negotiation. This ensures that advertisers see the best results for the best cost, and it also ensures that website owners see the most appropriate ads and the highest converting traffic.

On the other hand, algorithms can never replace humans or the human touch. After all, humans are the ones creating content, programming software, and strategizing ad campaigns. In the same way that heavy machinery requires a human operator, so does algorithm-powered advertising.

If you have a choice, pick a specialized display advertising network that caters to your specific industry. In general, the more that humans are involved in the management and curation of a content and advertising network, the higher the quality.

Both real-time bidding and human-driven display ads have their place. But rather than picking one over the other, find the solution that balances the best of both worlds. This is the solution that will deliver more monetization potential for the ad space on your website.